dBC+CEI Can Save You Time and Money on EM & PIN Diode Coaxial Switches for RF Applications

Meet dBC+CEI, your Single Source for RF Coaxial Switches

Electromechanical (EM) and PIN diode coaxial switches are manufactured and assembled using vastly different techniques. You used to have to buy them from two different vendors who specialized in each. Not anymore!

5 Reasons to Buy Switches From Us

  1. Save Time. Ordering is easy. Delivery is fast. And later on, if your needs change from one switch type to another, you won’t have to vet a new vendor. We’re familiar with your project, your engineering team and your purchasing policies.
  2. Repeatability Every dBC+CEI switch operates within the same precise parameters every cycle.
  3. Reliability These high-quality switches are so reliable, they may even outlast your system!
  4. Support. Our design experience comes in handy for challenging applications or if you’re trying to troubleshoot a thorny issue.
  5. Peace of Mind. dB Control has supplied mission-critical, often sole-source, products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors and commercial manufacturers, since 1990. Charter Engineering has more than 50 years of design experience with EM switches. As dBC+CEI, they’re unbeatable.

Dozens of PIN Diode Switches tailored to your system’s key performance parameters are available from dB Control (dBC). Switches include reflective or absorptive designs with options for SPST through SP24T, low loss, high isolation and fast switching speed.


To order, contact Jeff Bly
Call 1-510-656-2325
Email info@dbcontrol.com
Visit https://www.dbcontrol.com/products

Thousands of Coaxial EM switch variations ranging from DC to 40 GHz are available from Charter Engineering (CEI). Switches includes connector options for SPDT, DPDT, and multi-position (SP3T-SP12T), as well as internally and externally terminated models.

To order, contact Keith Kulyk
Call 1-727-525-1025
Email sales@ceiswitches.com
Visit: www.ceiswitches.com


Q. How do I know what kind of switch I need?
A. Here are some parameters to consider:

  PIN Diode Switches  Electromechanical Switches
Frequency range  From MHz to 40 GHz From DC to 40 GHz
Intersection loss Medium Low
Isolation Good at high frequencies Good across broad frequency range
Repeatability Excellent Very good
Switching speed Nanoseconds Milliseconds
Power handling Custom Continuous
Operating life Long One million cycles on each port
SWaP Small form factor Reduced power consumption optional
Sensitivity RF power overstress Vibration

Q. How do I know what kind of switch I need?
A. If the EM switch is in stock, we can often ship small quantities in days. If not, typical turnaround time for, say, 20 or 30 EM switches, would be four to six weeks. For a standard PIN diode switch that we’ve produced before, typical lead time is eight to 10 weeks. For custom or complex switches, that time could increase to 18 to 20 weeks, depending on the amount of design involved, or if the switch requires unique materials.

Q. What if I need one kind of switch now and another kind later?
A. Regardless of the application or order size, dBC+CEI is committed to providing the most efficacious and economical solution to each customer’s requirements. With our ability to offer both EM and PIN diode switches, we’ll find one that meets your goal.

Q. How do I know you can deliver?
A. Because both companies have been around for decades and have stellar reputations for quality and service. Here’s more about them:

dB Control Corp., (dBC), a subsidiary of HEICO Company, supplies mission-critical, often sole-source, products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors and commercial manufacturers. Established in 1990, the company designs and manufactures reliable, high-power TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitters, low- and high-voltage power supplies and modulators for radar, electronic countermeasures (ECM) and communication applications. It also offers specialized RF/microwave components and integrated microwave subsystems. dB Control is AS9100D- and ISO 9001:2015 certified. In August 2022, dB Control Corp. acquired Charter Engineering.

Charter Engineering, Inc., (CEI), a leader in low-intermodulation products and very-high-power RF switches, manufactures of a broad range of electromechanical coaxial switches and components operating from DC to 40 GHz or commercial, military, and wireless applications. With more than 50 years of design experience, the company continuously expands its product lines with custom designs for unique customer requirements. In a market crowded with switch manufacturers, CEI is known for its high-quality, competitively priced products that exceed customer expectations.